This simple online tool is designed to help farmers identify potential risks to their businesses and consider ways in which they can improve their business resilience.

The Farm Business Resilience Health Check tool guides users through a series of multi-choice questions to assess vulnerability in key aspects of their business operations. Users can select to carry out a either a quick test (6 questions) to provide quick view of their general resilience or a full review (100 questions) tailored to their business type. 

This will then provide a bespoke report with a range of suggestions for improving the resilience of the farm business in question, with advice and links to further information and support. The report is colour coded to highlight those areas which are a higher priority than others.

The tool was developed and launched in 2016 by Climate UK in association with the Environment Agency's Climate Ready Support Service and in consultation with a range of farming industry bodies. 

Climate UK is grateful to Adrian Hilton at Climate North East for managing the project on our behalf.

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