Businesses grow their resilience

Climate UK has published a family of 29 Building Business Resilience case studies, illustrating a range of extreme weather impacts on different kinds of businesses throughout the country and providing examples of how they have taken action to become more resilient.

From small, family-owned businesses to large multi-nationals, from rural to urban and across a variety of business sectors, these case studies provide an insight into how companies are being affected by the weather and climate - and more importantly, how they are responding. 


  • E. Oldroyd and Sons Ltd is experiencing a 25% decline in yields of early Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb as a result of the decrease in cold winter days and nights with frost.
  • Associated British Ports experienced the largest tidal surge since the Great Storm of 1953 on their ports in the Humber Estuary in December 2013.
  • Plantool Hire Ltd in Kettering almost went out of business following a sudden flash flooding incident in summer 2007 that ruined much of its stock.
  • The big floods of 2007 had such an impact on Frank Kelly that he went on to set up a new company in Worcestershire called UK Flood Barriers. His company went on to install flood protection to 157 properties in Cornwall following flash flooding there in November 2010.
  • Cleone Foods Ltd in Birmingham secured a major new contract with a supermarket on the strength of its resilience plans.
  • Brighton Marina was better able to manage the impacts of the 2013/14 winter storms as a result of Climate UK resilience training.
  • Adaptation Scotland worked with ScotRail and First Group UK Bus to improve the resilience of Scotland's public transport to extreme weather.


Climate UK is grateful to the Environment Agency's Climate Ready support service for supporting the production of this set of resources, which are searchable and freely available to other businesses.

'By pooling these case studies, which were previously published across a number of different websites in our national network and presenting them in a consistent format, we hope that they encourage and inspire many more businesses to consider their climate risks and work out what they need to do to make themselves more resilient' said Climate UK director, Mike Peverill.

The case studies can be found in the Climate UK Resource library and are the most recent 29 entries.