New online tool for farm businesses

The new Farm Business Resilience Health Check has been developed by Climate UK, in association with the Environment Agency's Climate Ready Support Service and in consultation with a number of farm industry bodies, including the National Farmers Union. It is designed to help farmers consider the wide range of risks that can affect farms (including severe weather and climate change) and identify actions that can build their business resilience.

Loosely based on the original Business Resilience Health Check, this new version is much more tailored to the circumstances of farm businesses. There are two options that users can select, a quick overview (with just six questions) or a full detailed review which can take an hour or more to complete. The tool is free to use once a simple registration has been completed.

At the end of the detailed questionnaire, the tool produces a bespoke report with a range of suggestions for how the business could be made more resilient. The report is colour coded to help the reader prioritise the most important improvements and contains a wealth of links to further sources of information and support.

Feedback so far for the tool includes “very comprehensive and a great tool for farmers with invaluable links to information” (Farming Community Network), a “real step forward” (NFU) and an “excellent” tool to support the farm finance and insurance sectors (FarmCover, Barclays). 

This is one of a growing family of online tools that have been developed by Climate UK in association with other partners to help different sectors to understand and respond to their climate risks.

Adrian Hilton from Climate North East managed the development of the project on behalf of Climate UK, though for questions about its application, please contact Ceris Jones at the National Farmers Union.