News from Climate UK and from our family of climate change partnerships.

Community energy in Nottinghamshire

A new 5MW solar farm has been built in Nottinghamshire following a successful public share offer by a community benefit society.

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Climate Just website maps England’s climate disadvantage ‘hot spots’

The impacts of climate change will not be equal or fair and, without action, could increase existing disadvantage. This message was reinforced in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment report.

UKCP09 website update

The UKCP09 climate change projections website has been refreshed and updated based on customer feedback.

Art of Nature

New exhibition in Nottingham questions our relationship with energy, fossil fuels and their impact on the natural environment and atmosphere.

Growing Adaptation Scotland

Adaptation Scotland, Climate UK's partner north of the border, is expanding its staff up to a team of five.