Joseph Rowntree Foundation

JRF was founded in 1904 by wealthy businessman, Quaker and philanthropist Joseph Rowntree to help tackle the root causes of social problems like poverty and housing. He established three charitable trusts, which are still based in York, where the original Rowntree cocoa works was based. What is now called the Joseph Rowntree Foundation was originally designed to build and manage the garden village of New Earswick. Its objectives have since widened to cover research and development and nowadays JRF spends around £10.5m a year on its work. Climate change and social justice is one area of cross cutting research that seeks to understand how the impacts of climate change and policy and practice responses to it will affect people and places suffering poverty and disadvantage in the UK. Climate UK was commissioned by JRF to project manage the development of the Climate Just website and map tool launched in February 2015.