Climate UK is involved in the development and application of a number of tools that help different organisations to identify and assess their climate risks and opportunities, consider how best to manage these and develop solutions. We also work with different stakeholder groups to support them in using tools in order to get the most out of them.

Designed to help farmers consider risks to their businesses, with a view to making them more resilient to shocks and changes of any nature. 

Comprehensive online climate change resources for local authorities and the public sector.

Tool for public service providers to identify who is most vulnerable to climate impacts, why, where and what can be done.

Comprehensive directory of online resources for teachers, searchable by key stage and climate change issue.

Online, interactive resource designed specifically for tourism businesses to build their resilience to extreme weather.

Online questionnaire that generates a bespoke report to help improve your company's resilience.

Online database for local authorities and their partners to systematcially record the details of severe weather events.