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Why work with Climate UK?

If you have an interest in some aspect of climate change causes or consequences and are looking for a delivery partner to help develop or test ideas, run practical projects, stage events and engage targeted groups of stakeholders why not come and talk to us. We're one UK-wide organisation with operations in every English region and strong links in each devolved administration.

We have extensive local networks of partner organisations who are interested and engaged. We're in touch with decision makers and practitioners in different sectors and a range of professionals who have responsibility for sustainability and environmental management, risk management, health and safety, business continuity, land use planning, energy and carbon reduction and the green economy.

Climate change may be a global issue, but many of its causes and consequences are local in nature and complex, distributed across many organisations and communities in different ways. We understand that to make a difference, the answers aren't always straightforward or top down and often involve talking to people, seeing their perspective and developing collaborative solutions that work locally. And we know that 'local' can mean urban, rural, coastal, upland, industrial, natural...

Please get in touch via our Contact page or speak to anyone in our national network - see the Our Network page for individual contact details. 

Jon Clubb, Climate UK director
Adrian Hilton, Climate UK director
Dr Simon Slater, Climate UK director (r)
Mike Peverill, Climate UK director (l)